We sent our son to preschool here based on the recommendation of a good friend and we couldn't be happier.  The staff is amazing, greeting each student at the door every morning with a big smile.

The affection and respect that is shared between teacher and student cannot be faked or contrived.  My son's young heart is precious to me and it was important that he attend a preschool where he feels accepted, cherished, and loved.  The environment at Red Rocks accepts nothing less than full respect for the individual and any "meanness" is firmly, yet lovingly, handled.

The curriculum at this school is state-of-the-art.  By the end of the 4-yr-old preschool class, the students are beginning to read!  The teachers make learning fun and my son thoroughly enjoys singing his vowels and days of the week!  I feel as though he will be more than ready for kindergarten next year.

There is also a nice family atmosphere at the school that has allowed me to make what I hope are lifelong friends with the teachers and other parents.  I don't think these relationships would have occurred without the spirit of family and community the school inspires.

If you're looking for a place that really shows and expresses a caring and loving environment for your kids, a place where your child will learn, build good friendships and have fun all at the same time, then I highly recommend this school!! We love it!!

Amy S., November 2016