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We knew the first time we visited Red Rocks Christian Preschool and observed Mrs. Peats’ classroom that this was the right place for our family.  We were so impressed with her organization, cues, and ability to keep the attention of her 3 year old students.  Once our son started attending here, we were able to rest assured each day that he was well taken care of and learning so much.  The amount of growth we’ve seen in our son is incredible, and we’re so very grateful for the strong educational foundation he’s building.  He’s so proud of every project or worksheet he brings home, and it’s very rewarding as a parent to witness!  Thank you to the fantastic staff for the excellent care and guidance you’re providing these children and for instilling and fostering Christian values that they will carry forward.

Adrienne B., March 2020

Watching Tucker thrive during his time at Red Rocks Christian Preschool has been such a blessing to us! Living in Pine, we struggled to find a preschool that checked all of our boxes -- until we visited RRCP. Not only has he grown socially and academically during his two years there, he’s developed spiritually as well. We love hearing him quote Bible verses and share stories about Jesus. He struggles with shyness, and RRCP has always been such a safe and nurturing environment for him (and for us!). We’ll miss the preschool next year when Tucker heads to kindergarten!

Whitney J., March 2020

We enrolled our son at Red Rocks Christian Preschool as a four-year-old. I was a bit nervous because he spent many years at an in-home daycare, so I wasn't sure how he would do in the preschool setting. I can definitely say he has thrived! When he first began at RRCP, he could sing the alphabet. After seven months in the four-year-old classroom, he now can write and recognize every letter (lower and upper case), understands each sound and letter blend, reads three-letter words, and has a genuine love for learning. Not only has his knowledge of letters grown exponentially, he has found wonderful friends. It has been a joy to watch him grow and develop more self-confidence. Finally, my son's spiritual well-being has been at the forefront of his education. He has learned about Jesus' love, the Bible, and how to show kindness to others. I am so thankful to have found Red Rocks Christian Preschool! My son is definitely very prepared for kindergarten. We couldn't be happier with our experiences at this fabulous school

Megan A., March 2020

We love this Preschool! My son has been attending since he turned three and will stay until the last day before starting Kindergarten. He has a love for school, a respect for teachers and a long list of Bible stories which he teaches us daily. I couldn't praise the school more. Will definitely be putting my younger son in the school when he is old enough!

Danielle H., February 2020

My daughter attended the Red Rocks Preschool program for two years, and I couldn't have been happier with her time there. Before finding Red Rocks, we had tried so many schools - I found them to be disorganized, messy, or not supporting her academics/social skills. Then we found our place. The teachers at Red Rocks are unbelievably committed to seeing each student thrive, and I felt included in my daughter's day-to-day wellbeing. I have zero concerns about her kindergarten readiness; in fact, I think that she is more prepared than I could have ever anticipated. I am so thankful for this school, and I feel lucky my daughter had such pivotal years surrounded by this staff.

Erin H., June 2019

We are so thankful for Red Rocks Christian Preschool loving and teaching my son. It is clear in every interaction that the staff knows each student and cares for them personally. I am amazed at my son's retention of the Bible stories! He remembers them in such great detail and it demonstrates that the teachers do an excellent job. It means so much to be able to take him to a place that is safe, loving and has godly standards.

Keith B., December 2016