Welcome from the Director

Welcome to Red Rocks Christian Preschool!

We're glad you're here and are eager to team with you and your family to provide the best preschool education for your child in a safe, family environment where he or she can thrive and grow!


Letter From the Director

Leatha Peats, Director

Thank you for considering Red Rocks Christian Preschool. We know that every parent wants the very best for their children and we hope that you will seriously consider Red Rocks as the greatest opportunity in the world for your child.

We understand that a child care center alone cannot provide everything that a child needs to reach his optimum potential. Every child needs to sense a strong teamwork and camaraderie between the preschool faculty and his parents. Our mission statement says, “Red Rocks Christian Preschool teams with families to educate the whole child to honor God, love others, and walk in biblical truth.” To accomplish this, RRCP provides excellence in all areas, including Bible teaching and academic knowledge.

Our desire is to see your child grow as a result of our teamwork with you so we trust that you will consider the opportunities at RRCP. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like additional information, please call our school office at 303-922-8305. We are happy to help!

– Leatha Peats

Red Rocks Preschool Director