Philosophy and Core Values


Red Rocks Christian Preschool Philosophy

At Red Rocks Christian Preschool (RRCP) we strive not just to take care of your child and teach them the basics of education but to develop the whole child by inspiring them and teaching them how to be the very best person that they can be. We anticipate your child developing greatly during their time with us. We educate the child's mind but strive to reach down to their heart, the deepest part and most important part of your child. RRCP teams with families to educate the whole child--mind, heart, and body--to honor God, love others, and walk in biblical truth.


Red Rocks Christian Preschool Core Values


Honor God

First, we strive to honor God in every area of our preschool. We want each child and parent to think more highly of God because of their interactions with us. Each teacher's goal is to honor God in her words and actions with the students. Each teacher also works to teach each child to honor God with his or her life by being respectful and loving to God and to other people.


Love Others

Second, we want each child to show love toward other people. We teach them by example and also through discipline and instruction. Each child must act with kindness and respect toward his or her peers and teachers. A child who is loving towards other people will succeed not only at Red Rocks Christian Preschool but also in their life as they grow up.


Walk in Biblical Truth

Finally, we regard the Bible as truth and therefore seek to follow its teaching and instruct our students to do the same. The teachers model this and also teach it in the classroom. We teach the children Bible stories and commands as well as the character of its author, God. When a child knows that God loves them, it helps him or her act more lovingly toward other people.